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About CRI's English Service
   2012-09-21 11:40:40    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Xie Tingting

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China Radio International's English Service is one of CRI's most important divisions. We provide the world with one of the most efficient and convenient ways of learning about China. We focus on news reporting as well as produce a variety of feature programs. Under the motto "Your Bridge to China and the World," the English Service's dedicated staff works in three departments: NEWS Plus, EZFM, and CRIENGLISH.com.

* * *

About NEWS Plus
NEWS Plus is CRI's English-language broadcasting platform which provides global audiences with news, reports and feature programs with a distinctive Chinese flavor and an international perspective. It also provides its global audience with various music programs and Chinese-language learning programs. It now broadcasts more than 600 hours of programming around the world every day, covering a global population of nearly 3 billion.

NEWS Plus' programs can be heard not only via shortwave, but also on many local AM and FM radio stations globally, including stations in Washington D.C., Toronto, London, Canberra, Nairobi, Colombo and many others.

In Beijing, the programs can be heard on 846 AM and 1008 AM. They are also available online at NEWSPlusRadio.cn.

* * *

About EZFM
As part of the domestic service of China Radio International, EZFM (91.5 FM in Beijing) is the voice of a growing bilingual population in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities such as Xiamen, Hefei, Lanzhou and even Lhasa.

Broadcasting in the two most widely spoken languages in the world, English and Chinese, EZFM serves up hourly news updates from around the world, practical lifestyle and entertainment information, English and Chinese lessons, and music programs showcasing a variety of genres and styles from the English and Chinese music world.

EZFM is the most preferred radio broadcaster for many non-profit organizations and corporate social responsibility projects. EZFM provides a lively, positive and international lifestyle and promotes theatrical and musical performances.

In a highly formatted and commercialized domestic broadcasting environment, EZFM has always adhered to its social responsibility as a public broadcasting channel and also its belief in innovation. EZFM continues to set the trend for its listeners. This is why we say "EZFM - we are the difference."

24-hour on 91.5 FM in Beijing and www.crieasyfm.com.

The following cities have full-time or part-time coverage: Hefei 92.4 FM; Lanzhou 98.5 FM; Xiamen 95.8 FM; Lhasa 100 FM; Shanghai 100.1 FM.

* * *

CRIENGLISH.com is the official English-language Website of China Radio International. Here, you can listen to CRI radio programs live and find the audio and transcripts of previous programs. We also provide web-extra news stories and in-depth reports on domestic and global events. Our content covers metro, politics, business, sports, travel and showbiz. We also produce lessons teaching English and Chinese.

Videos are our latest feature. Our flagship video shows include:

- C4, a comedy news quiz show that examines stories that are popular online and on the streets. The host is Rob Hemsley.

- The Sound Stage, in which Jonathan Alpart introduces a Chinese band in each episode.

- Off the Beaten Track, in which Anne Gonschorek and Jessica Dowse show a China beyond the guidebooks.

* * *

About CRI Mobile
On July 16, 2009, we proudly launched m.cri.cn for users of mobile devices. It is China's first multimedia English-language Website optimized for mobile devices. Through CRI Mobile, anyone with a mobile device can enjoy CRI's audio and video content and follow the world's latest news. Chinese-language learning lessons are also available.

CRI Mobile aims to build a mobile "infotainment" platform for the real-time sharing of information-based multimedia content that includes entertainment, travel and human interest stories. We are doing our best to ensure that its web format is compatible with as many different mobile devices as possible.

Our Apps

- CRI Video
By downloading the CRI Video app, you can:

1) Watch the latest news about Chinese-language movies on "Reel China".
2) Learn practical Chinese by watching our language-learning program "Living Chinese".
3) Know more about China and people who are living in China through the "Lens Library".

You can personalize the app to suit your interests by making your own playlists and saving preferred stories.

Download it for iPad, or iPhone, or Android.

- Living Chinese
Learn the Chinese language and culture with our Living Chinese app (for iPhone and iPad). With a practical yet humorous approach, Living Chinese mainly targets beginner-level language learners and those who want to brush up on basic Chinese skills. It is particularly useful for people planning to relocate to China.

Download it now from the iTunes Store.

* * *

About The Messenger Magazine

The Messenger magazine is the journal published quarterly by the English Service. You can read the latest issue here.



CRIENGLISH.com claims the copyright of all material and information produced originally by our staff. No person, organization and/or company shall reproduce, disseminate or broadcast the content in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of CRIENGLISH.com.

CRIENGLISH.com holds neither liability nor responsibility for materials attributed to any other source. Such information is provided as reportage and dissemination of information but does not necessarily reflect the opinion of or endorsement by CRI.

About CRI  
Founded on December 3, 1941, China Radio International (CRI) is a state-run radio station broadcasting to a global audience. Using 61 languages, CRI has the most language services among all global media organizations.
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CRI's English Service  
English Service is one of CRI's most important divisions. We provide the world with one of the most efficient and convenient ways of learning about China.

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If you prefer snailmail, send to:
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