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Presenter, Radio DJ and Editor Wanted at CRI English Service
   2016-07-01 16:48:14    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Li

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The English Service of CRI is looking for new staff to fill the following positions:


Host of Talk Shows


Job description:

1. Hosting an audio talk show for China Plus App and radio;

2. Editing and shoehorning the aforementioned show for selected social media platforms;

3. Doing interviews and producing audio and multi-media reports out of the interviews;

4. Partaking promotional events for CRI;

5. Others as requested.



1. Native English speaker with good presenting skills;

2. Ability to keep abreast with what’s happening in China and around the world;

3. Adequate knowledge of Chinese/Asian music on top of familiarity with western music;

4. Bachelor’s Degree or above;

5. Readiness to work with or without a Chinese cohost;

6. Flexibility to work at irregular hours, weekends and holidays.

7. Professional experience in radio/TV preferred.


Radio DJ


Job description:

1. Hosting and producing music shows with or without Chinese cohosts;

2. Designing and producing related shows or segments for Facebook, WeChat, China Plus APP and other media platforms;

3. Doing live interviews or field interviews;

4. Attending promotional events;

5. Others as requested.



1.  Native English speaker.

2.  Adequate knowledge of Chinese/Asian music on top of familiarity with Pop, AC, Blues, Country, Jazz and other easy listening genres of Western music.  

3.  Ability to work against deadline;

4.  Flexibility to work at irregular hours, weekends and holidays;

5.  Team spirit and open-mindedness.

6.  A bachelor’s or master’s degree.

7.  Professional experience in radio/TV preferred.


Please send your resume and audio/video demo to job@cri.com.cn. 




China Radio International’s English Service is looking for new staff to join the team for its in-depth current affairs programme, Today (http://english.cri.cn.ncumo.com/cribb/plus/today.htm). We're looking for one radio presenter and one reporter to join the team as soon as possible. The job descriptions and requirements are as follows:




Job description:


Host the show, including researching news stories, writing questions in advance for 'call-ins', conducting interviews on air and preparing talking points for discussions with co-host(s). The presenter is also expected to complete tasks related to new media, such as editing and transcribing audio. We are a busy team, and the presenter may also be assigned other duties as and when necessary.




1.  Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree

2.  At least two years’ work experience, preferably in media or journalism

3.  Native English speaker, with excellent communication skills

4.  Enthusiastic and knowledgeable about international and Chinese affairs, and confident at commenting on these issues

5.  Chinese speaking and reading ability preferred, but not essential.





Job description:


Write and edit stories related to Chinese and international affairs. Book guests for interviews. Research topics independently and write questions for interviews when necessary. Participate in on-air discussions with co-hosts on social issues. This position also involves tasks related to new media, such as editing and transcribing audio.




1.  Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree

2.  At least two years' work experience, preferably in media or journalism

3.  Native English speaker, with excellent communication skills

4.  Familiarity with radio news style

5.  Articulate in written and spoken English

6.  An enthusiasm for international and Chinese affairs

7.  Web and social media-savvy

8.  Chinese speaking and reading ability preferred, but not essential  


Please send CV/resumes to xuqinduo@gmail.com before August 20, indicating clearly which position you are applying for.  


Copy editor


China Radio International's English Service is looking for a copy editor for its website, news APP, radio news programs, and social media platforms.

Responsibilities: copy editing stories for the website, radio and social media platforms, proof-reading scripts by Chinese coworkers, occasional reporting and promotion. Expect to be assigned other duties as necessary; our team does a lot and members will be expected to pitch in.


1.  Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree

2.  Native English speaker with outstanding communication skills

3.  Journalistic experience, good news writing and copy editing skills.

4.  Social media skills, esp. in relation to Twitter.

5.  Intimate knowledge of current events and international affairs, particularly as pertaining to China

6.  Ability to work against deadlines.

7.  Flexibility and ability to work at irregular hours, weekends, holidays.

8.  Team spirit, flexibility and open-mindedness.


Resumes can be sent before August 20, 2016 to beijinghour@cri.com.cn with subject: copy editor.





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