The Sound Stage: The Sound Stage Showcase
Bringing you the best and newest Chinese music - LIVE!

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The Sound Stage: Wutiaoren
A timeless sound for all the ages.
The Sound Stage: Goushen
Ever write the word "god" backwards?
The Sound Stage: Golden Cage
The golden key is within your soul.
The Sound Stage: Movits!
Move it if you got it to the Swedish groove.
The Sound Stage:  Zhaoze
The fading past, washed over by the future, become one.
The Sound Stage is a video show about music. Each week we feature a local Chinese band or solo musician, and an interview and performance of one of their original songs. Listen up, because China is getting LOUD!

Attention Chinese Musicians: Do you think you or your band has what it takes to be on The Sound Stage? Please send your demo, band photo and bio to!
Jonathan Alpart
Jonathan Alpart has been a fan of Chinese music since he studied in Beijing in 2007.  He enjoys singing, and playing guitar and the drums in his free time, and he wants to get China's newest music heard by the world.  He hopes more people can enjoy Chinese music and learn more about China.
Contact Us
Tel. +86-01-6889 1344
Address: No.16, Shijingshan Road, Beijing, China
Post Code: 100040

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